Final Project – Proposal

Final Project – Proposal

Title : Use Your Head! (Not confirmed yet)

Subject: COMP6341 – Multimedia and Human Interaction

Lecturer: Raymond Bahana, ST., M.Sc.

Team Members :
Alifio Rasendriya Rasyid | 2201798295
– Jason Sianandar | 2201796440
– Muchsin Hisyam | 2201797430

Description :

In this team project, we decided to make a simple multiplayer game based on soccer theme. So, the game play is same like real soccer in which both player should defends their’s goal and score to their opponent’s goal but only using one character. So, the character can use their’s head or foot to score a goal. Also, one match will be split to two rounds/half, and each rounds will be limited by one and half minutes. There will be sudden-death when the times ends but both player have same score.

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